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'One: all that we can see', 2017
neon light with 95% painted black, electrical components, 40 x 40cm

Steady Illiterate Movement, 2017
Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

Essay by Matt Barlow: 'An Invitation to Dwell in Darkness'

Steady Illiterate Movement presents a series of sculptures that have developed through a three-way conversation between theoretical cosmology, sculpture, and botany. The objects in this project orbit around the Papaver Somniferum, ‘sleep bringing poppy’, and the figure of Vera Rubin, an astronomer who spent many nights cataloguing the position and movement of stars around the Andromeda galaxy. Rubin is credited with discovering evidence for the existence of dark matter. The works are an attempt to give form to things that are invisible or which lie just beyond the limits of our perception. Steady Illiterate Movement explores altered states of consciousness, sleep and astronomy, the threshold between the seen and unseen - the known, unknown and unknowable.