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The Build Up, 2014

The Build Up is a sculptural installation that began as inspiration from the Jeffrey Eugenides novel The Virgin Suicides. Carmody worked loosely with this story which is a romantic tale of mysterious, unattainable, unknowable beauty inhabited by incomprehensible horror. Eugenides' novel set in middle America is subtly transformed through the perspective of Carmody's Indonesian upbringing. There are  poetic substitutions of cultural signifiers out of which arises a curious cultural hybrid. Now it is a silent scene, a setting for a Eurasian gothic tale, the story lingers as a ghostly presence over this captured moment. The Build Up is a precise but delicately detailed circumscribing of the unknown presenting fragments circling an absence, and a loss of subjectivity. Something unknown is building up and lives teeter at the edge of annihilation.

Essay: Erotics of Ambiguity by Danica van de Velde.

Exhibited at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia | Project Space
24 January - 16 February 2014