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2017 An Invitation to Dwell in Darkness, Steady Illiterate Movement, Seventh Gallery, by Matt Barlow

2015 Text on Primal Site, BUS Projects, Melbourne, by Rayleen Forester

2015 Written Accompaniment to Longboard Sequence, SASA Gallery, Adelaide, by Adele Sliuzas

2014 FORM GUIDE issue 14.3, published by AEAF, review of The Black Swan: Suite by Ken Bolton

2014 The Build Up, Five Thousand, preview by Adele Sliuzas

2014 Notes on 'The Black Swan: Suite', FELTspace, by Sundari Carmody [PDF]

2013 The Erotics of Ambiguity, The Build Up, CACSA, Adelaide, by Danica van de Velde

2012 Be Still, Spectrum Project Space, Perth, by Hila Shachar